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Computational modelling of cancer and precancer

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Executable models

Executable modelling uses highly abstract descriptions of biological systems to understand how cells respond to mutations and stimuli from the environment. Through the use of powerful tools derived from the field of formal verification in computer science, models can be tested for robustness and rare events.

Cellular dynamics

Cells in healthy tissues exist in a state of constant competition with one another. Aging causes the accumulation of mutations in cells, potentially increasing their fitness and enabling persistence and spread. Fit mutations are not necessarily cancer promoting, and may impede or even remove developing cancers.

Molecular modelling

Mutations in a cell act by changing protein activity. This can be achieved through the loss or amplification of a gene, or modification of protein function through amino acid substitution. Understanding the nature of these mutations is complex however. We use molecular modelling to aid interpretation of diverse cancer and aging associated mutations.

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We have worked with schools and the OCR exam board to share our research and software development, through lectures, demonstrations and practical sessions. Together with OCR we have developed A-level worksheets we are currently evaluating (available for teachers, students).  

Software development

To support our research we develop a range of different tools and methods. BioModelAnalyzer is a key part of a lot of our research and is publicly available under an open source license.

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